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Did you know that paperwork wastes 40 percent of the employee's shift? Documents are lost or can not be found in the offices due to inaccurate filing. This results in lower productivity and a waste of time. In addition, the preparation, copying and preservation of a document costs organizations hundreds of dollars each year. The importance of digital archiving and digital transformation is better understood, taking into account paper waste, photocopying expenses and harm to our globe.

Delfin is there to discover solutions to all these problems, to make technology more effective for your organisation. Delfin, which has served as an archiving and digital transformation center with its accumulation for years, provides all types of document-based technologies to the advantage of your organisation in its most up-to-date form. It allows you to save time and expenses with physical and digital archiving solutions while creating the technological infrastructure you need.

Quality policy

In all conditions, we promise to pull out all the stops for customer satisfaction.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to provide organizations and companies with the most suitable technological solutions in the field of document information management, together with our professionals and company partners, to provide institutional added value through turn-key initiatives. Being an global corporation with social responsibility and local consciousness.

Our mission is to allow organizations and companies to access records and data of all types readily and rapidly, to boost company efficiency and to save time. Being a global company that is conscious of ethical principles and social obligations by prioritizing customer satisfaction by delivering efficient and reliable services.