Electronic Document Management

The right choice for your documents: Delfin Management Systems

With its electronic document management and document management systems, Delfin allows you to address every need in your organisation from a single source to the production, archiving and even destruction of all types of documents. If you wish, you can consult us to choose from electronic document management or record management systems the one that fits your requirements. Differences between EDMS and ERMS are as follows;


Allows the system to modify records. The manufacturer may allow the destruction of documents. Manufacturers can provide control over the storage of documents. The organization is directed at performing its daily duties more efficiently, quicker and safer.


Does not allow to modify records It does not allow records to be destroyed. Records can be damaged only under storage plans in controlled settings.

Document manager and system administrator will perform the storage activities linked to the sorting system.

It is directed at maintaining institutional memory and ensuring the accuracy of records that provide proof for corporate operations in addition to performing daily duties.