Physical Archiving Services

Our Standards in Physical Storage

Depending on the requirements of organizations and companies;

  • the archives are managed with the assistance of our qualified employees and ensure that your organization meets the norms of conservation.
  • We provide alternatives for your physical archive according to global storage norms such as shelf layout, heat, humidity, fire detection, camera systems.
  • Boxes, barcodes and other physical archiving consumables are provided.
  • In Delfin Digital Transformation and Storage Facilities, the safety of all your files is assured in compliance with ISO 27001 norms.

Benefits of Storage Service

Increased productivity: Increased productivity with decreased physical archive footprint.
Ensuring security: eliminating the danger of loss of non-circulating papers within the organization and ensuring security of data.
External Factors Protection: Protection of the physical archive from all types of internal factors like fire, humidity, sunshine, heat, pest and dust, minimizing document harm.

Physical Storage Stages

Physical arrangement: Archive document rearrangement in files and folders.
Planning: Creating plans for classification and destruction according to archive norms and standard file schedule.
Preparation of archive management: archive documents organized; indexing, labeling, barcoding, boxing, addressing.
Physical Storage: Document storage boxed according to Delfin warehouse norms.